P Town

Februay 20 2012

Mayor’s Office
Erik Jorgenson and Viktor Melnikov pay a visit to Diva Roxette to garner more information about the White Court’s dealings with Sam Adams and the problems going on in the city.
She seems reluctant to share information, but they scare the hell out of the poor drag queen, and she tells them the workings of the White Court, but nothing they don’t already know.
Then, they try to get into see the Mayor, in order to confront him. Not only do they not get in to see the mayor, but they are intimidated out by at least 4 White Court security guards.
As soon as they leave to update Freah, they are attacked by Drake, the hired gun of the Mayor. Victor manages to disable his gun and sets his car on fire, while Erik beats him to his death.
Freah doesn’t have any more information to give them, either.
They spin their wheels for a while, and eventually try Kat Daddy Pogson at Voodoo Doughnuts. He takes them into the back, and Victor allows him to slice his hand open and drip his blood into a vat of raspberry jelly. There Kat Daddy looks into the jelly and tells them to check out the bridges. He offers them a jelly-filled doughnut as they leave. They decline.
They head over to Billy’s house. There, they get most of the Gruffs to come with them on a beat down of the Winter Court denizens on the bridges.
Victor finds that the bridges are all connected through Winter Magic, and that he can disenchant them and slowly sever the ties to their sinister mystical purpose.



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