P Town

January 16th

Erik Jorgenson, Billy, and Viktor Melnikov find a young woman being attacked by three trolls. Hunched over here with a greedy look in their red eyes, they immediately turn to the three hunters when they come into sight. The trolls growl and advance on them. Trolls turn out to be pretty beefy in Dresden, so it took a while to kill them. In fact, it took our entire allotted time. We figured out combat rules, and we got to play with social combat as well. Once they rescued the young, dirty, skinny, girl; smelling fainty of weed and bread, they tried to take her to Billy’s house for her safety, but she resisted; wanting instead for them to take her to her favorite sleep spot, a warm brick wall next to a bakery. She didn’t know anything about the trolls or why she was attacked, but Billy took her home for the night. They noticed the fell magical energies surrounding the fog.



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