P Town

The City of Bridges

0300 Feburary 2012

Erik Jorgenson, Viktor Melnikov, and Billy are patrolling the St Johns Bridge at night.

There are a few missing persons reports, and most of them are teenagers whose parents reported them missing. In all cases the teens were reported by friends and guardians as being into drugs, and were known to go missing at parties and the like for days at a time; so a lot of these missing reports didn’t get recorded until a week after the teens had gone missing.

Viktor, being a troll hunter, naturally assumes it’s trolls, and he’s backed up by Billy, who usually has a reliable feeling about these kinds of things. Erik is going along, because he’s super handy in a fight. He has misgivings about there actually being trolls involved, especially since they have spent several nights searching bridges and found nothing to suggest that the local trolls are active and snagging teens.

Erik, Viktor, and Billy have already been to the Steel Bridge and the Ross Island Bridge, and this is their last stop before Erik wants to head home.

It’s 3AM and so foggy that they can see maybe 10 feet in front of them. They are walking next to the bridge rails on the bikepath, and as they move up the bridge they lose sight of the freeway behind them. No cars are crossing the bridge. It’s so quiet that even their breath sounds like thunder in their ears.

As start to notice an intense drop in temperature, they hear a high, wailing scream.



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